Thanks Amazon

I never thought it was possible to have a package ruin your day, but then Amazon excelled at it in a rather surprising way.

I ordered a cat toy to keep Miss Fat-One occupied at times, got a discount and it was all good. Until today that is

After spending a good half hour pulling the box out of the mailbox, I finally got it out. Hooray, etc

Until I discovered that it was actually defective, all that for literally nothing. I contacted Scamazon with a pretty violent email, I got a call which was basically contact the seller cos it ain’t us and lol we’ll mention it to the delivery people.

Utile, merci les gars.

Not to be beaten by this event, I figured out what’s wrong, I basically need to glue Part A back to Part B. Easy, just no superglue, so that’s a thing I need to get tomorrow when Carrefour is back to normal hours, assuming, of course, Carrefour has it. Until then a little weight on top and it’s all good.

As one can see, little Miss is at least enjoying her thing, and that’s the important part.

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