New Mail Server @Home

June 17, 2020

Over the weekend, looking for things to do, and money to be saved, I began my quest for a secure self-hosted email server. I considered rolling up CypherMail again, now that I have a machine with more RAM than the previous VM I ran it on. Although I didn’t install it, there is a likelihood I might still.

Instead I went for WildDuck, I saw it a while back and it looked pretty good but I struggled with the install. This time no different, but being crazy determined I got the old chap running good.

So far so good, it’s encrypting my mailbox with PGP automatically, it’s behind the firewall and not accessible outside my network which is also handy. I’ve got it working well relaying out of Free’s SMTP server without giving any drama on the DKIM signing, and since Free has their act together their servers have a decent reputation.

The web interface is a bit OK, but no major dramas there.

I’ve started moving some slightly more active domains on to it, so I can give it a good test before I consider whether or not I fully self-host.

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