Goodbye Uber, thanks for nothing

June 20, 2020

Last night I made the mistake of ordering food from UberEats, I’ve had problems in the past where they decided to take double payments, problems with deliveries taking hours to arrive, and their customer service is generally quite poor.

This time however, was the last time. It’s worth mentioning from the start that I know the restaurant has a lot to answer for here, but that is an issue between Uber and the restaurants they happily suck up 30% in commission from, my place here is a customer of UberEats (and by default Uber) and that is not at all my problem.

I placed the order as one normally does, selected an offer and doubled it, paid an extortionate price as usual, and sky high « service fees ».

Make them pay

Uber decided that because they want to rip off their delivery drivers while sweeping up the above costs in full, that this one had to do a secondary stop that added a good half an hour on to his journey.

Let’s go on a road trip

This was the start of the second problem, the first of course, was that the restaurant just sent half my food.

I get my delivery and open it up to discover that it’s half of what I paid for and that it is violently cold, the fries disgustingly sweaty like it never left fresh from the restaurant since 1973.

So, of course, I demanded a refund, and a full one at that since in the end the food was just so disgusting it found it’s way in to the bin. I paid 23€ for nothing basically.

Uber came back and decided to not fully refund the missing food, called it a day and seems to think that job is done all good. I Tweeted them that this was far from over.

Here is the cost of the food, quite clearly 9,85€ The price

And here is my 8,86€ refund, but wait, it’s not 9,85€ The refund

This afternoon I get an email saying they’ve decided not in my favour, clearly using a template since it contained no information and the formatting is definitely from a delete as appropriate pre-written click and send job.

I emailed them back, calling them out for not providing an adequate service, for being fully responsible for the state the food arrived in, since of course they are responsible for that portion of this transaction in full.

And I pushed back on the service fees since they’ve barely offered a service to justify taking off with 3,96€. Further to that point, the amount of time the food wasn’t properly kept indicates that they haven’t even followed the basic food hygiene protocols.

Since that email we’re back in radio silence, but I’m not even expecting anything. Their service is overpriced and terrible, so I deleted my account. Instead of having the basic level of competence, they’ve just decided to whatever and assume they can treat their customer base like shit.

It’s not a question of about 5€ or if we look at the order as a whole, which is 23€ with all the fees, it’s about the cheap skating indifference.

So I deleted my account, I just want my money back for this shitshow and nothing more to do with Uber ever.

But that in itself is quite complicated it seems. My account won’t be deleted for 30 days, and that is just the deletion of the account. I want Uber to forget about me completely, I don’t consent to them using my data as that relationship is over.

When I came to submit a GDPR request for full deletion of my data, I found that not only could Uber careless about their customers, they also really could give less shits about their legal obligations.

There is literally no way to contact Uber’s DPO easily, their privacy and DPO mailboxes don’t work, and worse their really not that easy to find form, equally does not work.

Had I known this before, I can say with certainty, I would never have even consider using their product in the first place.

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