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June 20, 2020

I’m sitting here with my text document blinking at me, somewhat empty in space with the little monster behind me chillaxing on her faux grass carpet with all her things in the window waiting for her.

Lost in Space

She’s determined the schedule of the kids she despises, mainly because they come up trying to look at her, not really realising that they might as well be taunting a tiger with rabies. If anything, the little lady is being restrained from her normal methods punish all infractions with swift retribution by legging it back inside.

After a few months of having me in the house 24/24, 7/7, she’s settled in to this new routine only to find it now starting to be infringed on again (sorry Kaja).

Right now I’m planning my options for a little road trip (read : vacances) and also considering whether or not I get a decent desktop computer to virtualise the good old Frankenserver and also work towards running a better in-house mail service.

In the end I installed CipherMail on to the new mail server. There were some issues, mainly that Postfix decided that it won’t run probably due to memory issues, but also both email servers refuse to talk to each other since they both see it as a loopback. Which is technically true, it is looping back on itself, but to a different port, but voila.

Also it seems Zone-MTA with Wildduck doesn’t quite like « alternative ports » for mail servers. But generally, regardless, it would probably be more efficient to stack up a good machine to run virtual machines and makes it easier to backup, but also less fear of Frankenserver popping one day and taking down the entire BBS. Again.

There is also the issue with both Geomyidae and Mail not being able to update now since Ubuntu has closed off all support for v18.

Anyways, while writing this I got side tracked by an ongoing issue with Uber, so I might write about that soon.

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