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June 12, 2020

I’ve done a few changes on how I have my own website, part of me also wants to bring in the posts from my LiveJournal since I still have the hugo converted files to pull that off.

One of the things I’ve done is moved my over to, and I’m pretty certain I fixed up all the errors that’s causing. Hopefully. Maybe. We’ll see. It seems more logical since is good for spouting off things to the social media but I never really used it like a proper blog. Sure I can, but for me personally, it doesn’t feel like the right medium.

There is also the whole I want to selfishly hoard my own data under my own accounts, and the backup on Netcup uploads directly to a NAS I keep at home. So all my static files are still mine, in more of the sense that if anything happens to my host, I still have the originals. That and of course the VM I’m writing this on, is of course also self hosted then uploaded to my webhost.

I’m not sure how this’ll fit in with since that is 100% WordPress based, the only thing keeping me on WP is the cross post to LiveJournal, but if I can figure a solution to that, then I’ll move fully over to the old Hugo.

That’s all for now, so brb while I upload more things.

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