Newsletter Number 1

May 9, 2020

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        ___________                ___________        _____    _____     
       /           \              /           \      |\    \   \    \    
      /    _   _    \            /    _   _    \      \\    \   |    |   
     /    //   \\    \          /    //   \\    \      \\    \  |    |   
    /    //     \\    \        /    //     \\    \      \|    \ |    |   
   /     \\_____//     \      /     \\_____//     \      |     \|    |   
  /       \ ___ /       \    /       \ ___ /       \    /     /\      \  
 /________/|   |\________\  /________/|   |\________\  /_____/ /______/| 
|        | |   | |        ||        | |   | |        ||      | |     | | 
|________|/     \|________||________|/     \|________||______|/|_____|/  
                         THE EXCLUSIVE NEWSLETTER
                              #1 MAI 2020


With any luck this will be the monthly newsletter from the system, and will include any little bits from ULDL.ORG as required.

Got questions ?


  1. The Long Lost Episode
  2. Day Iliterallyhavenoidea, a Rona Journal
  3. uldl Integration
  4. The Future


It has been a very long time since I’ve got behind the keyboard and wrote a newsletter for the BBS. In fact it’s genuinely been so long since those days in the basement at Brunswick Avenue, I’ve called it a total loss and re-numbered the whole thing back to zero. Well one, having newsletter zero is just too weird even for me.

I’m considering if it’s worth to post this to the, personally I think it might annoy some of the Em@iler Talk list subscribers so I won’t. But I have copies up in my Tresorit and on outside the BBS.

Now that this is out of the way, I present you this month’s newsletter.


With the exception of the US and UK, I imagine everybody has been in some kind of tight lockdown as our friend COVID-19 ravages across the planet with a few murder hornets in tow for the lolz.

Here in Paris, it’s been a very very long lockdown, so long I genuinely couldn’t tell you how long it has been without hitting up DuckDuckGo (or Google if you’re that way inclined). We’re coming out of the official lockdown over the coming weeks. But Paris is still in the red zone(1), so this is quite questionable how this is going to go down.

I haven’t fully used my time right over the past two months, there was a lot of adjusting to do, being somewhat funemployed (technically), that kind of hit my motivation hard. It meant that I didn’t use that time to redesign the BBS as I have been planning to do for years. But good news (lolz) I’m still partially employed until at least the end of the month, so I’m sure I’ll be getting back on the wagon, starting from today, promise.


Part way through the murder hornet death flu hell, I got really rilled up in moving everything to a more centralised setup. I have changed domains a lot of times with this BBS over the years, I really should have done this back in 2017 with EC.JE but it never worked out like it should. But the concept of mobilised me to just do it, and that I did as I waited out the backorder.

Spoiler, I lost it, but with the whole work already done it just needed to be named(2). I wanted a .org, get me some good SEO, and, .je, .tc, .cl, .eu, .fr, .net, .be, .ec, I could really go on for ever here, never spoke to me where the BBS belonged. The thing is, this BBS exists everywhere. It existed in Toronto, Bristol (UK), and here in Paris (France), it’s everywhere yet nowhere in particular. It’s also not a money maker, so .org was the better call than say .com or .net.

ULDL was a coffee fuelled loser rage mega search for something short and something .org. Honestly, had I won it would have been that, but it isn’t (thank baby Jesus).

If you haven’t already worked out, UL/DL is upload / download, a fitting concept.


What’s coming to the BBS, well it’s going to be a lot more central. I’ve been really hesitant to do this since I can’t be 100% the machine won’t explode on me, and no lies, I’ve had a few pop. Granted we have a few old tech issues here and there, but it needs to be the focus of my personal projects.

With that in mind, where I’m going. Redesign, make it less out of the Wildcat! box and more out of the concept I’ve always wanted, more updates on the BBS side over the web side, less anti-social medias burning through my life, more to the social side of BBSing. Granted the callers aren’t there any more, but that’s not to say the networks aren’t.

Eventually Fidonet, but honestly, the last attempt was a mega fail so I ain’t gonna lie, that’s on the fuck that list for the end.

The secondary improvements will be on two fronts, the first being I’m also running a SynchroNet install on the same machine (I’ll live to regret this, don’t worry) which I’m working in a proper link to the two. This is more of a focused install for the part 2,5 The Palace Server, which I’m going to bring back up properly. I used to have a very good one before that too exploded.

I picked SynchroNet specifically as it’s a bit more robust to new tech, where as my old tech MMN BBS keeps on getting crashed by a series of port attacks by spam zombies. Moving Wildcat! off the NNTP port, so it can be the more public (not BBS people) facing server.

Honestly, I never wanted the BBS to be open to anything other than the web frontend (for emergencies #crappyworkplacefilters), FTP (sharing is caring), and Telnet (for obvious reasons). Anything else is just asking for trouble.

There is already a secret port for incoming email (for MXGuardDog’s exclusive relay use) and no POP3 / SMTP access outside of my local network. Which I don’t actually use anyways.

How long will all this take, well who the feck knows at this point since everything is very much still in the air about us all not dying in the next few months.



My ever hating feline co-confinee for tolerating my existence for this long.

(1) (2)

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